Updated various information about Vietnam ☆

Staying at the Sakura Hotel (branch before the Embassy of Japan) as a customer!

The day before, I stayed at Sakura Hotel (the branch in front of the Japanese embassy).

I have used services such as accommodation, public bathrooms, restaurants ... so I want to review this place.



For reference, please briefly introduce me as follows:


- I am a 32 year-old man who has been in Vietnam for 1 year

- Not an employee of Sakura Hotel

- I have used the sauna and public bath here, but not stayed at Sakura Hotel yet


In order for the information to be useful to readers, I will judge from a neutral point of view.


And I would be honest in writing not only good information, but also information that needs attention.



The next day, I will go to another branch hotel in Kim Ma Str and review the difference when compare to branch 16 Lieu Giai in front of the Japanese Embassy.



1. Good points when staying at Sakura Hotel





Overall I had a comfortable time with everything from comfort and cleanliness in the room to public bathing areas and restaurants.


That number includes:


- A chair to relax in the room


- Breakfast with 15 sets of dishes


- Hours of operation of the restaurant and public bathing area, sauna


- Detailed and careful instructions in Japanese


I feel that the above points here are special and better than other hotels

Here I will briefly introduce one by one:



- A chair to relax in the room





I stayed in room 806 and here have a chair near the window.

We can spend our relaxing time, enjoying the view from the window and drinking beer while lying on this chair.


Please take some time before go to bed and relax in the recliner to look back on your whole day.



- Breakfast with 15 sets of dishes






◆ The restaurant has great views and lighting



At Sakura Hotel, you can choose from 15 different breakfast sets.

From standard Japanese dishes like grilled salmon with chili salt to natto set.


There are also Vietnamese dishes like pho and bread.

The feeling of enjoying breakfast at a bright restaurant and overlooking the city is special.



- Hours of operation of the restaurant and public bathing area, sauna




◆ Relax room, large shared bathroom and sauna





At the Sakura Hotel, the opening hours of public bath and sauna are from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

And the restaurant serves breakfast from 6am to 10:30am


Also, check-out time is quite late, until 12 noon.

Therefore, customers who come back late last night, can also slowly prepare for their stay until the next morning.



- Detailed and careful instructions in Japanese




◆ Coffee maker and instruction in Japanese



At the Sakura Hotel, I feel attention to detail, such as a detailed Japanese guide to how to use the coffee maker or the toiletries used in the bath. The guides are not torn, bent, or scratched.


Therefore, it leaves me with an impression of a very polite style



2. Things to note when staying at Sakura Hotel





Above I have introduced the good points about staying at Sakura Hotel.

But there are two points need to be change such as:


- Weak Wifi

- The ofuro is a bit too hot



This may be a judgment from my personal point of view, but I would recommend the following:


-  Weak WIFI





I stayed in the room near the elevator but the wifi was weak. Considering the level is weak when used to watch videos.


In Vietnam, there are also many shops with strong wifi, so it should be paid attention to this issue.


Also, radio waves coming from cell phones are no problem, so if you need strong radio waves, you should use tethering.



- The ofuro temperature is a bit too hot





I used the public bathroom before closing time 11pm.

However, the hot tank temperature was still up to 44 ℃. I think this is a bit too hot.


I am living in a house with only a shower in the bathroom, but if the hot tank temperature reduce a little, it wil be better.



3. Compare the branch at Kim Ma and the branch in Lieu Giai (near the Japanese Embassy)





After staying one night at the hotel branch near in front of the Japanese Embassy, I dropped by the branch at Kim Ma which is about 20 minutes walk away.


The branch near the Japanese Embassy is located along the main road near the Linh Lang entertainment area.

And the branch at Kim Ma is located near Thu Le Park.

Around this branch there seem to be a bit less places to sightseeing




◆ The view from the restaurant at the branch in Kim Ma





◆ Public baths and sauna



At the Kim Ma branch, it look like branchin front of the Japanese Embassy, left an impression on me of its cleanliness and clarity.


The bathhouse is similar to the branch in Lieu Giai and has public baths and a sauna.

But the restaurant is a bit larger than the premises before the Japanese Embassy.




◆ Both branches are comfortable atmosphere hotels




As mentioned above, this time I am writing a Sakura Hotel accommodation review as a direct guest.


You can easily book a room from the menu bar <Hotels> → <Reservations> on the homepage.

So please use the information above for short business trips!


Sakura Hotel is known for its convenience and highly recommended for both business travellers and tourists visiting Hanoi.

  • Japanese-style hotel service

    We are paying close attention to details in customer service in order to bring same Japanese busines hotel's quality to our guests visiting Vietnam. We are offering Japanese business hotel's services including luggage concierge, cleaning service, airport transfer, 24/7 washing machine service, shoe polishing and documents copying.

  • Fully-equipped facilities

    All hotels are equipped with public baths. Our guests can enjoy massage and manga after relaxing in the bath. We also sell Japanese snacks and set up Japanese TV channels in every room.

  • Proudly serving Japanese breakfast

    Breakfast menu with more than 15 dishes including Natto, Pho, etc.