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Introduce and some informations about the Old Quarter – Famous Tourist Attractions in Hanoi

The Old Quarter is the most famous tourist destination.

It take about 20 minutes by taxi from Sakura Hotel.


This is a place where you can enjoy local gourmet food with many attractions.

This time have 5 highlights as:


Dong Xuan Market


Beer Street


Hoan Kiem Lake


Long Bien Bridge


China Town (limited to before Chinese New Year)


And can eat two local foods in the Old Quarter:


Bít Tết(Beef steak)


Bánh mì(Vietnamese sandwich)


We will introduce more details as below:






1. Dong Xuan Market




This is Hanoi's largest market in the Old Quarter.

It is a three-story building. On the first floor, sell bags, wallets, shoes and have coffee shops, dried fish.

On the second and third floor, sell clothing fabrics and clothes.


It is crowded with many people from early morning until the store closes in the evening.

So this is a place where you can buy souvenirs and other items.


There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by the vibrant atmosphere and the products lined up in a narrow space.






◆1st floor in Dong Xuan Market




◆2nd floor in Dong Xuan Market




2. Beer Street





In the Old Quarter, Ta Hien Street is also known as Beer Street.


Many clubs and outdoor restaurants are concentrated on this street.

At around 7 pm, chairs line up along the road and the number of customers begin to increase.


And around 9 pm, there are so many people in here so moving is harder.


It is not recommended for people who want to drink quietly.

But if you want to spend a night in Hanoi with a lively atmosphere, please take to try it once!



  • Crowded on beer street even at midnight



3. Hoan Kiem Lake




◆Turtle tower in the middle of the lake



It is a symbolic lake in the Old Quarter.

This is not a big lake. The circumference of a lake is about 1.7km.


In the middle of the lake have a small island called the Turtle Tower.

And on the north side is the Ngoc Son Temple.


Many events are held in here such as jogging, aerobics in the early morning and outdoor concerts in the evening.

So it is a place of relaxation for Hanoi residents.


A giant turtle, nearly 2 meters long, lived in this lake.

But he died about four years ago.

However, you can see the stuffed big turtle on public display in Ngoc Son temple.




◆Red bridge to Ngoc Son Temple





4. Long Bien Bridge





Long Bien Bridge was built in 1902 during the French rule.


It is a 1.7km long bridge over the Red River.

Located on the outskirts of the Old Quarter, with a railroad running in the middle of the bridge.


You can walk on both sides of the bridge but there are holes in some places and the fence is thin

So walking is quite scary.


The Long Bien Bridge has withstood many bombings, which causes the trusses to be missing in place.


It is a bridge that makes you feel the history from the outside.




5. China Town





For a limited time, China town before the Chinese New Year (usually from January to February every year) is a recommended place.


Chinese New Year is called Tet in Vietnam

And it is a very important event in Vietnam.


The location is on the north side of the Old Quarter (Phan Dinh Phung, Quan Thanh, Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi).


It's usually a featureless place,

But before “Tet”, there are a lot of home decor stores.


The entire street turns bright red and it is a spectacular place to walk.

If you go to the Old Quarter before “Tet”, please come visit here.










1. Bít Tết(Beef steak)





A beef steak is on a hot iron plate.

The basic set include steak, minced meat, fried egg, bread, and pickles. One set is full of volume.


Restaurants are concentrated around the north side of the Old Quarter (Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội,).


In Hanoi, you can eat with price from 80,000 VND (380 yen) to 100,000 VND (470 yen).


Bít Tết is a specialty dish that is not often introduced in guidebooks.

But the seasoning also suits the taste of Japanese people.




2. Bánh mì(Vietnamese sandwich)






◆47 Hàng Dầu Hoàn Kiếm- chain store “Banh mi Phố” in Ha Noi



Even if you have never been to Vietnam, you may have heard the name Bánh mì (Banh Mi).


A Vietnamese specialty sandwich with vegetables, cheese, grilled chicken, etc and sandwiched between baked French bread.


There are several chain stores and food stalls in the Old Quarter


But no matter which store you eat, you won't lose

The price is reasonable, ranging from 20,000 VND (95 yen) to 50,000 VND (235 yen).


 You can easily eat it for breakfast or light meals.




◆Chain store BAMI BREAD in the Old Quarter

 98 Hàng Bạc, Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội




As mentioned above, this time we have provided informatios about Hanoi’s Old Quarter.


Please refer to the article and go around the Old Quarter!



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