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Introduce 4 places to visit in Hanoi

We have introduced a few tourist attractions in Hanoi in previous articles.


Although there are many places to visit in Hanoi city and surrounding, but if you have stayed for a long time in Hanoi or traveled many times then you may feel a bit boring.

However, there are some tourist attractions in Hanoi that are not introduced much in guidebooks or online websites.



This time, I will introduce some tourist attractions in Hanoi as belows:


Hong Kong Uptown

Hang Ma Street


Hương Sen Massage




1. Hong Kong Uptown





Hong Kong Uptown is a restaurant complex in Cau Giay district with shops bearing Hong Kong city landscape and image. This place is a bit far from the center of the city.

But if you walk along the road by the river, you will feel a whole new atmosphere.

When you arrive at this place in the first time, you can get the impression "why are you here?"


There are many restaurants inside and you can enjoy Chinese food here.

There are very few stores open during the day, so you should visit here at night


Many purple neon lights shine at night, so it seems that many young Vietnamese who love to take pictures, also come here.




◆Address: 175 Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Trung Hoa, Cau Giay, Ha Noi.



You can feel a different culture even when you are in Hanoi.

Therefore, please come visit Hong Kong Uptown and feel the atmosphere here!




2. Hang Ma Street





Hang Ma is a street which is located in the old town of Hanoi.

This place is very close to the old town night market , so you can also visit here.


Normally this is a street with fake flower shops and grocery stores.

But the scenery of this street will change completely before Christmas and before Tet (Lunar New Year).

At that time, many Christmas trees and New Year decorations were lined up in shops and a lot of Vietnamese came here to shop. There are many such stores so you will be interested when to come here.


Special recommended timings should come here:


- Mid-Autumn Festival (usually from mid-September to early October)

- Before Christmas (mid-end of December)

- Before Tet (usually from mid-January to early February)




◆①Mid-Autumn Festival (usually from mid-September to early October)



◆➁Before Christmas (mid-end of December)



◆③Before Tet (usually from mid-January to early February)


If you are lucky to come to Hanoi during this time, you will feel the lively atmosphere of Hang Ma Street.




3. Casino





Although many people think that there are no casinos in Vietnam, but actually there are a number of casinos in Hanoi. Usually, casinos are located inside hotels.

And for the Japanese, the casinos which are located in the Hanoi Hotel and Grand Plaza Hotel, are quite famous.


There are usually no strict dress code rules at casinos in Vietnam.

You can show your passport at the front desk and get in.

Then you can play classic games like roulette, blackjack and baccarat inside the casino.


There is also a free food and drink menu in many places and some casinos offer a buffet.

Since this is a gambling game, you may or may not like it.

But it can be a memory of your trip so you can feel the atmosphere here.




4. Huong Sen Massage





Lastly, although this is not a sightseeing spot, but I would like to recommend it to you if you are tired of business’s trip or traveling.





At Huong Sen Massage, you can use all services such as sauna, bath, massage.

There are a lot of Japanese and Korean customers here.

And there are branches in Cau Giay distric and Tay Ho district of Hanoi.






◆ There is a Goemon bath, a therapeutic jacuzzi bath and a sauna on the right side of the photo.



This is like a public bath with a massage.

The standard room price is 350,000 VND (1,600 yen), a little bit expensive when compared to the local price. But you can relax with two forms of sauna: herbal bath and full body massage.



As mentioned above, in this article, I have introduced details 4 places to visit in Hanoi.

For those who have visited all of the main tourist attractions in Hanoi or have gone all the tourist spots in the neighboring area, Hanoi still has many attractions.

So please refer to this article!



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